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The Swinburne solar team is currently hard at work developing our first ever solar race car. New developments are happening all the time so watch this space! And don’t be afraid to get in contact. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Great Partners

None of the work at Swinburne Solar Team is possible without the support provided by our sponsors. We’ve got a great set of partners helping us making this project possible!

We are always open to new opportunities, so if you would like to help develop the next generation of Australian engineers, designers and business professionals, get in touch!

Solar Powered Cars

Swinburne Solar Team is currently hard at work designing, and building our first ever Solar Car. Here is a sneak peek on what we’ve been working on.


Swinburne solar team is a student led race team dedicated to designing, building and testing innovative and renewable solar vehicles!


Mehran ektesabi - academic supervisor

+61 3 9214 8532


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